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Give a safe space to a fellow human

Our mission

The humanitarian refugee effort has been miraculous in the last couple of weeks. So many amazing foundations and groups of people have put their foot forward and are helping refugees where they can.
We aim to bring all these isolated efforts together into one big group. In this way, we want to lower the threshold for people to help their fellow humans.

Together we can help those that lost their homes and communities due to these wars. 🙏

How Samaritan works:


Share your space

You register on the platform and tell us where you're situated and how much space you have available.


We publish your space

We publish your space to our hand-approved humanitarian organizations, without your personal details attached.


An organization shows their interest

Once a partner finds you, they can show their interest to connect with you.


You decide whether to share your details

After receiving a connection request, you can decide to share your details. Only then will the organization be able to access your personal and contact details.

How we keep you safe?


Your safety and security are our highest priorities. This is why all of the organizations on the Samaritan network are hand screened by our crew before they gain access.


Privacy is another very important aspect, and this is why we never process any of your data outside the European Union. Even more specifically, your data is never processed outside Germany. We also never share your details with anyone that you don't explicitly consent to through our app.

Amazon Web Services

Our infrastructure is fully managed by Amazon. They make sure that the platform always is secure and that we can focus fully on connecting you to the right organizations.

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